Nationwide Geographic Education We We Blog. What exactly is Westward Expansion?

Nationwide Geographic Education We We Blog. What exactly is Westward Expansion?

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Throughout the nineteenth Century, a lot more than 1.6 million square kilometers (a million square kilometers) of land western of this Mississippi River ended up being obtained because of the usa government. This generated a widespread migration western, known as Westward Expansion.

A number of facets contributed to Westward Expansion, including populace development and financial possibilities on which had been presented become available land.

Manifest Destiny had been the fact it absolutely was settlers’ God-given duty and directly to settle the north continent that is american. The thought of Manifest Destiny contributed to why settlers that are european that they had a straight to claim land, both inhabited and uninhabited, in western united states. They thought it absolutely was the white man’s fate to prosper and distribute Christianity by claiming and managing land.

Manifest Destiny ended up being used to validate the Indian Removal Acts , which took place. Such legislation forced the elimination of Native People in the us and helped clear the real method for non-native settlers to claim land into the western. If the settlers reached land populated or formerly guaranteed to Native Us americans, that they had no qualms claiming it due to their very very own advantage.

The smithsonian American Art Museum“Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way,” by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, courtesy

It absolutely was perhaps maybe not simply religious success that inspired settlers — outright moneymaking possibilities additionally motivated Westward Expansion.

Throughout all of the nineteenth century, there have been two primary how to generate income western associated with Mississippi River: through silver and gold prospecting, and through developing land for farming, industry, or metropolitan development. Both of these tasks usually supported each other. The actuality of “ striking it rich ” was quite short-lived, although immigrants continued to populate the new state and contribute to its agricultural and economic growth well after gold fields were discovered there in California, for instance.

The thought of “free land” ended up being fairly short-lived also. The U.S. Census stated that there have been a lot of permanent settlements western of this Mississippi that the western “frontier” not any longer existed in the us.

This statement inspired a young historian, Frederick Jackson Turner, to create their famous “Frontier Thesis.” Turner reported the “close associated with the frontier” had been symbolic. He asserted that Westward Expansion ended up being probably the most characteristic that is defining of identification to date. Utilizing the close associated with the frontier, he thought, America was that alot more “American” — liberated from European customs and attitudes surrounding class that is social intellectual tradition, and physical violence.

Numerous historians criticize the Frontier Thesis, and several reject the thought of an“frontier that is american (which Turner referred to as “the conference point between savagery and civilization”) completely. These historians observe that the “free land” that defined Westward Expansion arrived at a serious price to Native American and Spanish-speaking populations, in addition to more modern immigrants from Asia (who migrated east, over the Pacific). The Frontier Thesis ignores the evolution and development among these identities very nearly completely.

To delve much much deeper into this period that is complex of history, have a look at our curated resource collection web web page on Westward Expansion during the nationwide Geographic site Library.

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